Sometimes beauty really does come from within
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What sort of things do you do, besides a vigorous romp in the hay, that leave you feeling so utterly relaxed and happy that your glow is obvious to random passers-by? What makes your inner light shine so bright that it's utterly contagious?

Back when I lived near a spa that offered sensory-deprivation tanks, I noticed that on my walk home, people's heads would turn. Regardless of their gender, they'd be much more likely to smile and say hi, or even stop and chat for a bit.

I notice the same reaction now after an especially good Pilates or Yoga class, or after a great row, or when I'm walking a group of dogs I love and have lots of fun with. My hair might be straggly and wet, and I'm in my playclothes and smell horrible, and I'm still my average-looking self, but people react as though an impossibly gorgeous person just crossed their paths.

Sure, it's shallow to want more of it, but feeling blissed out seems to make me far more attractive than any makeup or clothing I could ever buy, and it feels far better.
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Swinging. Like on a swingset. Hula Hooping. Skiing (I'm an utter novice, and just getting to the bottom in one piece makes me high).
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Good music. Load your iPod with your favorite upbeat songs and listen to them while you walk.
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Best answer: I'll second skydiving.

And, though this is harder to do regularly, every year at the Adelaide Fringe Festival I have exactly the experience you describe. A few years back I found an old leather arm chair, had an artist friend paint a mural on the back, then took apart a shopping trolley and attached the wheels to the chair. I call it Slickety Jim, and every year at the fringe I dress up in orange overalls, a blue bus driver's shirt and white suspenders, and I give strangers rides up and down the main street for free. It's so simple, so joyous, and people are so happy to take part, and so happy to learn that it's not for money, it's not for advertising, it's just for fun. Every time people ask me what I'm on and how much I've had to drink, but I haven't had anything. For about a week afterwards I'm ridiculously happy.

Here's a photo. Come to Adelaide next year, and I'll give you a spin!
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Scuba diving (in warm water!). For me it's a very peaceful and relaxing experience that allows for introspection and self-discovery, even when diving with a group of people. YMMV. It never occurred to me before I started diving, but in retrospect it's totally obvious that it fulfills a dormant childhood mermaid fantasy!
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Probably not the sort of thing that you can plan on a regular basis, but I think graduation (from high school and/or university) might be a good candidate?
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1) Playing in the pool at the Y with my toddler, Henry.
2) Coming home to my happy kitties and watching Henry chase them.
3) A Ketel Martini, no fruit, water back.

Repeat until September.
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Walking my dog. She's just such a happy, funny dog, and I love her so much.
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Playing the violin
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This may be a weird answer, but getting my hair done at a nice salon does it for me. I always come out feeling and looking great and looking like I feel great. My sense of relaxation and confidence are more attractive than the 'do, I think.
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A full body massage makes me glow like that.
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Quitting a job.
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Yoga. Especially after a really good class when I've really made progress with a certain pose, or learned a new pose.
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Seconding the full body massage. And walking meditation (especially compassion meditation / visualisations, but also the more zen-style awareness meditation). Or a nice hot shower & fresh clothes after either a vigorous cardio workout, or a swim in pounding surf.
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Really good weed enjoyed with a vaporizer.
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Dancing - vigorous physical exercise combined with sociability and community. For me it's contra or, most recently, international folk, but you'll find people who get blissed out for any type.
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Oh, and yoga, definitely. Yoga itself bores me to tears, but it's worth it for the relaxation bit at the end which leaves me floating on a fluffy pink cloud for hours.
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Achieving something. Finishing a freelance assignment. Getting a check. Waking up the morning after a good drunk.
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Flying a plane.
Working on a photograph for an hour with photoshop, creating layer upon layer of beauty.
Running an hour or so.
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* Thai massage: it's like someone doing yoga for you. I laugh like an unselfconscious child when a good Thai masseur/euse is flopping me around like a muppet.

* Just messing around in adequately warm surf. There is nothing like it. Again with the idiotic laughter.
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Cashing a big check. Spending said check.
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Massage, skiing, roller coaster rides and sometimes if just right a good run.
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The day my three children were born. People who did not know me asked me on the street while I was on the way to get some dinner after Pop, Shot and BB Gunn were born why I was so happy.

When the Giants won the Super Bowl. All three times. After my own team won the softball championship last year.
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Partner acrobatics. (Like this stuff.) A folk festival I used to go to every year that was like a weekend all-you-can-eat buffet of really good music, attended by a lot of nice people.
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excellent BBQ. finishing a particularly good anime series. spending time with my daughter whose ability to elicit smiles makes the description in the OP seem everyday.
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Fall in LOVE!
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Second trimester of pregnancy.
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Happy day dreams.
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Taking my shoes and socks off after a long day at work.
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Swim every morning.
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After a good round of golf on the weekend I'm definitely more focused and relaxed for at least the following week.
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good sex.

alternatively, a nice salon haircut.

alternatively, good espresso.
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Getting into 'flow'. Work, climbing, sailing, it doesn't matter. Once I'm 100% there, that's what does it.
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Going out as far as I dare on my bicycle, keeping carbed up and hydrated . . . becoming one with the bike, no pains, no cares, just the road ahead; pushing, pushing, making my own way through this world.

Hiking up a good hill. Back in Japan, finding a prospect like this.
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jet_silver nailed it -- whatever it is that I become totally engaged in, 100% 'there' and I'm good to go.
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Playing the drums.
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Snowboarding in waist deep fresh powder for hours in the mountains with no crowds on a day that's 30 and sunny without a cloud in the sky.
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Believe it or not, Dance Dance Revolution. Perfect storm of physical activity, shedding inhibitions and looking like a complete idiot.
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* Over coming a Crisis
* After a great sparring match
* Finding a bug in software
* When my daughter sings her bedtime song with me
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For physiological benefit, Open Focus is the most effective type of meditation I've come across. I don't know about glowing on the outside, more like a consistent half smile. I slip easier into states of flow and they tend to last longer.
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nthing jet_silver. also, solving a problem, particularly one that's been pissing me off. i love problemsolving.
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Bird watching.
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Riding a horse, alone, if the ride includes a 2 mile beach gallop then so much the better and longer lasting the glow.
Riding a rollercoaster and screaming my head off with the sheer joyous thrill of it all.
An early morning 1 mile swim when the pool is empty apart from me.
Spending a day and an evening with a very good friend who I only get to see about every 3 years. That's pretty much a day of non stop, hard core laughing and delight.
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Pulling off a live performance on stage well. For me personally this means in a play or after an inspired improv performance. Nothing beats that afterglow.
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Seconding Aikido. There's nothing I've ever done that compares.
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Playing basketball. I felt that way when I was 10 and still feel that way at 51.
Playing music ... usually by myself with a good beer and the chance to sing loud and bad.
Standup. When I dabbled in standup I would finish a set, walk outside and feel like I could jump over a car.
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Power yoga. (particularly at this studio. the combination of a vigorous workout, the twisting/rinsing poses, and an unbelievably welcoming and supportive environment can't be topped. i leave exhausted but euphoric.)

Falling in love.
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Rock Band.
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I remote control the cat with a laser. It's cute in every way possible.
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Doing something really nice and unexpected for a complete stranger.
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DDR and Rock Band have already been covered, but I'll 2nd them. If there's a crowd of people around to see my triumph, the high is that much better.
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A massage. A mango mojito. Playing with my amazing puppy.
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