I want to punch something in the face. Can you help me?
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Looking for a website that will allow me to upload a picture of my choice and then have it punched in the face.

Other violent acts (darts, being set on fire, kicked in the crotch) will also be accepted. I refuse to believe that nothing like this exists on the internet, but my google-fu is failing me.

This is for a friend of mine that's having a crappy week. (I do needlefelting to take care of my violent urges).
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I don't know of any site that does that but there are old, simple programs which let you do things to your desktop. The one I remember is called "Desktop Toys" but I can't find a link to it. Here's another. They used to be great fun.
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No real-time action, but how about a mugshot? Or a body switch?
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FOUND IT! I installed this on my own computer too. So many memories. The gun and the hammer are my favorite.
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Here you go.
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This should be what your looking for, My Kick Boy. Not punching, but kicking is still pretty close.
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Although it's still in the works, I heard Gallagher promoting SmashMyFace in a recent radio interview.
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