Where can I take studio art classes in London?
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Where can I take studio art classes in London?

Does anyone know where I can take a short course in painting (or printmaking or art history) for credit in London? I live in the US, but I will be in London for the month of October (my husband will be there for work) and would like to take some art classes for credit. I am building a portfolio to apply to a painting MFA program (I already have a BA), so I am looking for something serious and academic.

If there aren't good short courses, I could stay in London for longer than my husband and take classes for the semester. Any thoughts on strong programs where I could enroll as a continuing education student?
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University of the Arts London. The most prestigious school is Central St. Martins, which is really one of the world's best, but I don't know if they'd offer anything for such a short period of time.
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Slade School of Fine Art also has short courses. Also the Mary Ward Centre.
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Yes, Central St. Martins has printmaking short courses available. I took painting classes there and was happy with the instruction level.
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For general course searching try Floodlight which lists adult education classes in London, unfortunately, it doesn't let you filter by qualification, which would help you a lot.

Most of the 'universities' in London are actually colleges of the University of London, here's their page about short courses. You might have contact each institution separately to find out the information you need.
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