Help! No internet in Windows on a Mac
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Running Windows on my Mac and having some internet woes...

I am running Windows on my Mac through VMwareFusion. I am connected to the internet fine on the Mac side, but on the Windows side I can't connect at all or the connection is really slow. This just happened in the last couple of hours and I haven't changed anything in Windows.

Any ideas how to fix this?

When I check in Windows it says that I am connected, but websites don't come up and more importantly the software I need for work isn't connecting.
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Did you reboot the VM? Have you changed any VMWare settings? Is the VM currently configured for NAT or Bridged networking?
posted by majick at 2:39 PM on June 5, 2008

Response by poster: I tried restarting Windows and when that didn't work, I rebooted the VM. It's set up for NAT networking. The network says that it's connected at 1.0 Gbps, but it's not connected when I try to open anything that needs to be connected to the internet. Or if it does end up connecting, it's very slow.
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Is it connectivity or name resolution that's the problem? If you fire up a command line window and run ping what's it do?
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Response by poster: When I ping, it pings 3 times and then the command line window just disappears.
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Run "cmd" from the Run dialog, and then do your ping there. That way the window won't automatically close.
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Response by poster: Did that once I realized what I was doing with the run window ... I pinged my local IP address and everything was fine with that too. What is name resolution?
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That's odd. Did you just run the command from a Run line or actually "fire up a command line window"? The ping command shouldn't be able to close the window it's in.

In any case, since it pings that means you're actually connected to the world. The problem you're likely having is an inability to resolve DNS requests. So you'll want to poke around in the DNS settings for your Windows VM and see if they're correct. In the worst case, set the DNS server to the IP address I mentioned:

Good luck with it!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help! I'll need to play around with this some more, there's definitely something wrong...
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Your profile says you're in a university town. Are you, by any chance, using the university's network? If so, you might have been blocked because of the unholy things VMware does with networking.
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