Why can't I get a web-based flash mp3 player to play consistently well?
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Why can't I seem to get a nice simple web-based flash mp3 player to play consistently well. ?

Yes, I've considered the fact that this is an Id10t error.

I have scoured the net and discovered there's about 3 or 4 popular ones that have the least amount of messing-around-time required for non-coding dummies like me. I had radio.blog working for a while, but for some reason no matter what I did, it would never play the whole first track in the list in 2.x. That was after multiple attempts over the last few months.

I have just implemented the xspf music player, but this one refuses to consistently load all of each of my tracks regardless of browser version. I.e., it will start to play a track, but then seems to randomly decide "well, i only feel like loading 3/4 of this track to play, this time, and when i'm done playing 3/4 of it, I will go on to the next track."

Anyone? Try radio.blog 3.x? Try the MeFi music player?


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The JW FLV Player also plays MP3s really well.

But if you're having problems with multiple players, consider the theory that your server may not be delivering the MP3s themselves correctly.
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