What should we do in Logan?
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My family is headed to Logan, Utah this summer. We're planning on seeing "1776" at the Utah Festival Opera, but wondering what other things we should try to see.

There's a preference for outdoors activities, but nothing too strenuous - a short hike, for example, as long as it's not too hilly. Attractions specific to Logan would be appreciated - unfortunately, many of the pages on the Logan City website don't appear to be functioning. Any suggestions of interesting things appreciated, though, regardless of theme.
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Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake, has some nice short hikes and a scenic drive.
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Bear Lake is great for swimming and boating, I think there is good mountain biking at the top of Logan Canyon at Beaver Mountain. Cafe Ibis in Logan has great coffee and sandwiches. I usually head up to Logan for the awesome rock climbing in Logan Canyon. Antelope Island is cool. Down in Ogden they have a new thing called the Solomon Center that has like an artificial wave to surf, a cool climbing wall, and an indoor skydiving tower.
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My brother and his family live there and I'd be happy to ask him in detail. I know there's an place to go tubing in a aqueduct--starts up a gorgeous canyon and floats you down under the trees toward town somewhere. Do you fish? When are you going?
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There is some wonderful bicycling(road and mountain) in the area. Utah's MS 150 is held in Logan every year, here is a page that maps all of the routes.

Make sure you bring your camera, the scenery is gorgeous. Be sure to eat at Le Nonne-excellent Italian food. Cafe Ibis has amazing triple-certified organic coffee and a nice lunch menu. There is also an Indian restaurant which is regarded as the best-in-state; the name escapes me.

If you can, make time to head to SLC and eat at the Red Iguana. Watch all of the local mefites nth this suggestion. Its worth the trip-Its 5 minutes from the SLC airport.

Finally, Logan has a really nice and low-key farmers market during the summer months.
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Some of the things I've done in Logan while visiting family and friends:

If you like running, there is a beautiful 15k race on the Forth of July. If you run the race you can celebrate by watching the parade where the race ends.
Bear Lake is less crowded then most of the other big lakes and reservoirs of Utah. It also has nice sandy beaches.
Tubing in the aqueduct in Logan is a must. Warning: the water is freezing even in July and August because it's runoff from the snowpack. The tubing starts a little bit up Logan Canyon and ends a short walk from a nice park.
There is a movie theater in Logan's small city center that plays old movies. It's really cheap (I think around $2) and plays classics ranging from old John Wayne movies to newer-classics such as ET.
Logan has a pretty well funded opera and theater group.

Have fun!
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Oh yeah. There's a nice farmer's market in Logan on Saturdays.
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1. The Wind Caves up Logan Canyon. Maybe two miles up, low intensity, nice view once you get there.
2. Willow Park, on the South end of town. Nice aviary there.
3. The annual USU July 4 fireworks show. Used to be an annual thing for my family, but we don't bother to drive all the way up anymore.
4. The Pepperidge Farm outlet just to the North of Logan. Ask a local once you get there; they'll know what you're talking about.
5. The cheese factory. Cache Valley Cheese awaits you!
6. If you're interested in Mormon stuff at all, the Tabernacle downtown has a tour and it's pretty neat. And there's a Family History library downstairs.

Have fun!
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Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake, has some nice short hikes and a scenic drive.

Uh, that's like a three hour drive from Logan. Willard Bay is closer, and has a waterfowl preserve, just like Antelope.
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And sure, I'll second Red Iguana. The SLC one has good Mexican. Never been to the one in Logan, though.
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