Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble
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I want to buy some bubble bath for a gift for someone who says he takes baths solely for the bubbles. As a no-nonsense showers-only girl, this is unknown shopping territory to me. What's some seriously good bubble bath? I guess my criteria would include but not be limited to: doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin; prolific, long lasting bubble action; and geared for a grown man, meaning no overpowering floral scents or sparkly teddy-bear-princess-themed packaging.
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Lots of bubbles and 'grown man' really don't go so well together. You may have to settle for the opposite: Matey is the one British children (and grown children) know -- you can get it from a few places that sell British goods. If you can't get away with kids' stuff, then Badedas is pine and chestnut rather than floral stuff. It does need a bit of help to froth it up, though.
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Lush has a nice collection of very bubbly, very awesome solid bubble bars in a variety of scents. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds has a "manly" scent, as does Marathon bar. Milk chocolate and toffee scent is pretty gender neutral.
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Philosphy's Message in a Bottle is sublime. It can be used both as a shower gel and a bubble bath. It smells like the ocean to me in a light, subtle way. It was a male friend who turned me on to it.
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I second the Lush bubble bars. I'd recommend the Karma scent. My dad loves them, that's definitely what he's getting for Father's Day.

Philosophy Cosmetics also sells a ton of great bubble baths. Most of them are pretty girly, but this lime-scented one might do the trick.
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Thymes Olive Leaf - a great fragrance, rather woody, herbal and "spa" smelling. A great "unisex" smell. Their store locator includes Canada.
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Thirding Lush, Swanlady. Skip the Eaton Centre location--Queen West has better selection.

Also, if he likes showers, there's a really cool frozen shower gel that they make. Incredibly refreshing in the summer.
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Neil Gaiman, a man who enjoys his baths, had this experience with a Lush bubble bar:
massive bubbles
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Edited to add: Mr. Gaiman might have made the same mistake I did with the Lush bubble bars: You don't need to use a whole one for just one bath.
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