How can I tell when my IM buddies are online?
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Isn't there a site or application which can monitor the times at which your chat/ messenger contacts are online? I've done some serious Googling and MeFi searching on this but have turned up nothing, so maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing.
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Response by poster: Another direct hit for the magnificent power of AskMeFi - thanks Gramcracker. Even with the name I note that it's quite hard to Google IMWatching.
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Gaim and Trillian are universal chat clients that both can monitor just about all the major IM networks (including IRC), and allow you to set alerts for when specific buddies are online. Gaim is freeware/open source, and Trillian uses a "Basic for free, Pro for pay" model.
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If you're on the Mac, there's a Konfabulator widget called Buddy Stalker.
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