Where can I find full-time telecommuting work?
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Where can I find a copy-editing telecommuting gig?

I have years of experience in newspapers, both as a reporter and an editor, but I'm getting tired of the rat race. I'd love to be able to work from home, and have been looking for full-time telecommuting work. I'd like to find a real full-time job (benefits, etc.), as I'm not really ready to make the job to the dangers of freelancing (and I'd like to have a smooth transition, rather than build up freelance clients). I've looked on the usual journalism job sites, but haven't had much luck. Any suggestions for me?
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It's my general experience that everyone in journalism would like to work from home. As I suspect you know, the best way is to get a fulltime job doing it and then slowly convince that company to let you telecommute. No one knows your work habits better, whereas a new company is likely to be wary about people they've never met working in an unsupervised environment. Yes, we should be trusted to work from home, and editing hardly requires an office, but good luck convincing most corporations to believe that.
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American Book Publishing - a friend of mine works for them, editing manuscripts from home.
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LolaGeek: Do you know if the pay's decent?
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Have you checked either virtualvocations or sologig?
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