How to not squander a summer?
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I just found out that the contract that I am working on will be ending at then end of the month. I'm elated. I've been in a rut for a while, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to shake things up. What now?

I have no desire to find another job right away. I'm going to take the summer off. What should I do this summer? Life changing activities or just memorable fun. Bonus points for something that could generarate ideas for a new career to pursue eventually. I've looked into a few internships/programs but most are geared towards students (which I'm not).

The biggest limitation is that I have a puppy at home, and while I can find someone to watch him for a few days at a time, I can't just dump her on someone and jet off overseas for a few months (which is what I'd do otherwise).

I'm in the central U.S.
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You could try WWOOFing at the country of your choice. Many farms already have horses, chickens, pigs, so another puppy wouldn't be a big deal. But then I have no idea how international travel with a pet works, if it works.
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