Disney DVD and computer drive do not play.
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Help me get Kiki's Delivery Service to play on my Mac.

When I try to play the Disney DVD release of Kiki's Delivery Service on my MacBook Pro (or my fiancee's identical machine, or on a 12" Powerbook, or on an external DVD hooked up to any one of them) the disk spins up two or three times and then is spit out. The disk itself is fine, and will play on a set-top player. Has anyone had any luck with this, or is it down to Disney's cavalier re-interpretation of what a DVD video actually is?
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Set top players are more fault-tolerant than drives.

First polish the heck out of the disc's surface with a clean t-shirt and some spit.

that has worked for me for 100% of the iffy DVDs I get via netflix.

If that doesn't work then I recommend MacTheRipper.
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Response by poster: The surface of the disk is pristine. I can't use Mac The Ripper since the disk won't stay in the drive - it ejects before it is mounted.
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odd. Howl's Moving Castle mounts fine for me, 10.4.whatever.
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Try a little trouble shooting: insert another DVD into the drive and see if the drive accepts it.
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Try it in a non slot loading drive. There may be some copy protection on the DVD that your slot loading drives don't like.
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It's not copy protection. The issue is with the mac dvd drives. I have the same issue on my G5 tower and I've heard of people having the same issue with the new imacs. My computer just wont accept certain discs and it just seems to be random. 2 out of the discs from my Planet Earth BBC box set wont read for no apparent reason. And I've had get my roommate to use her Windows machine to copy tv shows from burned DVD to thumb drive so I my computer can read them. I havent been able to fix this issue. It's a fucking mystery...
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Response by poster: Other DVDs have been working fine, including with other DVDs from Disney. The external that I tried is a drawer, not a slot, but it has the same problem, even if I stand it on either side.
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For what it's worth, my R1 DVD of Laputa: Castle in the Sky, which was released on the same date as the Kiki's Delivery Service DVD (I seem to remember several Ghibli films being released on DVD simultaneously) refuses to load on my standalone DVD player and notebook DVD drive. It loads fine using my desktop's DVD drive, however.

So, I suspect there might have been some authoring issues with those DVDs that prevent them from loading on certain players. That does happen on occasion. If so, there's really nothing you can do about it other than use a different drive/player.
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Can you find a Windows machine that will read the DVD? If so, you can remaster it with DVD Shrink, and then it will hopefully work on your Mac.
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Take your favourite bittorrent client over to The Pirate Bay and get a copy that works.
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I believe there are some known issues with some Disney DVDs. A friend/colleague mentioned that his daughter couldn't play High School Musical on her laptop, which was causing some distress (as that is apparently all she currently watches). Afraid I've been singularly unable to turn anything up on google, but I could try and remember to ask him if he found anything later today...
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To followup on my earlier comment, apparently the problem he was experiencing affects Vista, and is fixed by applying Service Pack 1.

Sorry, that's not going to help you so much with your Mac :(
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