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Recommendations for movers in NYC?

I'm going to be moving soon from one part of Astoria, Queens to another. I'm looking for recommendations of two-people-and-a-van-type movers (or tell me about ones to avoid.) I figure I can pack myself and move most of my boxes, and have these people just move the heavy boxes and furniture. (I'll be moving from a ground-floor apartment to a fourth-floor walkup.)

In particular, does anyone have experience with Rabbit Movers or anyone else on this list?
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Uh, me, chicobangs, and jonmc. Just buy us pizza :)
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After moving about 8 times in the NY area, we've now used an outfit called "SmartMove" who are based in Yonkers about three times now. They're maybe a little more expensive than a "two-guys-and-a-van" solution, but they're still reasonable, a legit outfit (read, insured).

We like these guys because they'll let you do as much as you want, unlike some other places that try and force you to hire them for as much time as possible.
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I can't recommend any two guys and a van type stuff, but I've had good experiences twice with

You can pack yourself, and you get to know what you're gonna be paying up front.
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MetaMoving Party! Woot!

No seriously, Vidiot, why not host a MeFi moving bash?
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I highly recommend Big And Gentle Movers (718-672-4339), a bunch of Russkies run by a guy named Alex. They moved us from one place in Astoria to another without breaking a thing, in the time estimated, and at exactly the estimated cost. When they later moved us from Astoria to Peekskill, they charged more than the estimate, but that was because the move took place in a blizzard (they barely made it to the house) and took hours longer than expected; I gave them a good tip and would use them again in a heartbeat. Just supply lunch and coffee and they'll work like Stakhanovites.

Or, of course, just use the MeFi crew. But keep the whip handy.
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Ben Hur - They have someone come over and give you an estimate. They hold your belongings in storage until you ask for them to be moved for a small charge (I think 20$ a month?). I used them recently to move from nyc to chicago and they were great.
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I have used Rabbit Movers twice with excellent results.
I didn't know they had gotten so big, they are FOAFs.
Nice guys, reasonable rates.
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I work with a small business, and we moved in May 2004 around the NYC boroughs. We used C.G. Trucking, Inc. from Far Rockaway, tel: 718-337-0425. They might be a bit expensive, as I think they specialize in commercial moving. (They were at least $100 an hour). But extremely professional, experienced, and friendly.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great recommendations. Keep 'em coming!

Also: What's an appropriate tip for movers?
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I passed languagehat's recommendation along to other friends a while back and they also had a fine experience.
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