Stand alone streaming music player.
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Looking for stand alone inexpensive media player for streaming Internet music.

I am looking for a device that will connect to home wi-fi and let me listen to streaming music from web radio stations. The requirements are:

- Budget is $100-$300 depending on features
- ability to pick my own URLs with streaming content, i.e. not tied to a particular aggregation of radio stations like ShoutCast
- support for MP3 and WMA formats
- stand alone, i.e not tied to a running home PC

Nice to have:
- support for web sites with Flash players i.e. Pandora
- ability to sign up and listen to podcasts

The options I am considering in the order of preference:
- used PDA with Windows Mobile
- IPod Touch
- Archos media player

Are there any other devices that will fit the bill here?

Sorry if it was already discussed. Searched the posts, but could not find any similar posts.
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Have you thought about a Squeezebox? Not sure if it can handle your flash streams.
posted by Z303 at 12:27 PM on June 4, 2008

(If Pandora is the only Flash stream you care about, you should be fine)
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Love my Squeezebox. Recommend it without reservation, however it's right at the top end of your budget. There are less expensive solutions (Roku Soundbridge, is a popular alternative, I think).

Pandora is supported (though I've never used it).

The SB Duet, with its fancy remote, looks even cooler than my plain Jane SB (controlled remotely via a Nokia N800).
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Oh wait. Standalone?

The Squeezebox needs to be connected to something with speakers (a stereo, a boombox, whatever.)

However, the software that drives the Squeezebox -- Squeezecenter -- should run on those devices you list. It's free.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to clarify the "stand alone" term. The device would be connected to speakers through a headphone or audio jack, but should not rely on a running PC to stream the music.
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I use an AT&T Tilt on my home network to stream music from the internet/Sirius.
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Also suggesting the Squeezebox. It can connect directly to Pandora and internet radio without a computer.
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The PSP Playstation Portable has several applications for internet music.
Connect wirelessly to your router, stream some music.
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Response by poster: Well, I found the solution, if anybody has similar requirements. Got a used Fujitsu Stylistic tablet from eBay. There are few models available from $140 to $190, but any of them will work. It has Win 2000, I installed winamp, so playing streaming or local music works just fine. Flash players supported. The sound is decent, but I may get an external sound card like Extigy to up the quality. There are reports of successful installation of Ubuntu on this machine, I'll give it a try.
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