Recomendations for a simple comment/response application
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I need a really basic web application that functions similar to a blog system but isn't. All I want is to create a single page with a question to which I will invite people to respond. I've considered using a wiki, but I don't want anyone to be able to edit anyone elses response. I'd also like to be able to sort responses based on a few required fields (but this isn't essential). I can just create a second Wordpress install with only 1 post, but that seems like overkill.

I figure this could probably be done with php or perl (and therefore probably has been done). It doesn't need to look fancy, either, something as basic as what you're looking at now would be fine—although, I wouldn't mind being able to break it up into several pages if the page gets long.
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A guestbook type application would probably work fine. This is an extremely easy request, a programming friend could probably do this in a few hours.

There are probably some off-site things you could use, like or something.
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What about eVite?

Or one of the guestbook services?
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I was also going to suggest QuickTopic as a cheap and easy way out. Otherwise if having field-based data is important, I suspect you'll be rolling your own.
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Response by poster: anyone want to put this together for me?
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