I am sure I can find monsters in my closet, but they don't come pre-mounted.
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Colorado Craft Filter: I am looking to find how to procure another mounted monster head.

My sister gave me Silky Greenbelly for Christmas last year. She said she saw it at an Arts and Craft show in Colorado and thought of me. She thinks she remembers that it was a husband/wife; one would create the mounted heads and one would write a brief placard about them. She does not remember where the craft show was (other than colorado) or what it was called or even if the artists are based in Colorado.
I can find no distinguishing artist marks/signature on the placard or the actual monster head.

A good friend of mine saw Silky Greenbelly and thought she was awesome. I am moving away and would like to get her one as a gift before I go. But I have been unsuccessful in my google search efforts (so far all I have dug up is my own twitter account and numerous links on how to mount animal heads). If anyone has information on who the artist is or how to get another mounted head I would be very happy.

(I would rather give her Silky Greenbelly than make my own monster, so please, no suggestions on how to make one myself).
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These are not your monster (or animals). But, they are cool and from Colorado. And, who wouldn't want a hippo mirror.

Sorry, I'm no help.
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Best answer: You might do well to ask on the craftster or etsy forums. Etsy has Street Teams, lots of which are organized by region. a Colorado artist street team might be able to ID your monster.
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It looks a bit like the work of Jennifer Strunge.
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Response by poster: As an update, my sister recently came to visit and wracked her brains about silkygreenbelly. She gave me the name of the "collection". Horndribbles. (here and here)
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