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What to do with a baguette?

I'd like to make something different with a baguette. Perhaps an appetizer or even a main course item. I am a pescetarian. Any ideas besides bruschetta?
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I always like a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.
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Slice it up, spread some butter or cream cheese on it, put slices of smoked salmon on top of the cream cheese, squeeze some lemon juice on top of that, throw some capers on top of that. Maybe garnish with a bit of dill.
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bread pudding! i've seen savory recipies with sauteed onions and mushrooms, salt and pepper, and grated cheese on top that would probably be really nice.
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I had a great breakfast at a Brooklyn restaurant: chopped up baguette tossed in oil and vinegar with fresh mozzarella, plum tomatoes and basil leaves, with a couple of fried eggs on top and parmesan shaved over the whole thing.
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I like to cook up some finely-chopped mushrooms or crumbled tofu, add a rich sauce (worchestershire, tomato, or BBQ sauce works well), cut a baguette in half width-wise and hollow the ends out a bit, and then pour the goodness inside. There's something about this squishy/crunchy/sandwichy combination that's really, really good.

Also, most savory soups or stews can be improved by the inclusion of a slice of baguette in the bottom of the bowl.

I'd like to make something different with a baguette. [...] I am a pescetarian.

Jacques Cousteau! Baguette!
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Stuff it!
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Pizza. One of my friend's moms used to make it on a bagel before I remember seeing bagel bites all over the place. Boy, that was good.

Or have it with eggs sunny side up.
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Cheese Fondue.
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I'd definitely try to eat it uncooked while it's still fresh, and leave the cooking/baking recipes for when you've got a stale one on your hand. That means fondue and things like dips and hell, just butter are the best for fresh.
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Slice in long diagonal slices, brush with olive oil and garlic, and grill it. It's amazingly tasty. Serve withtomato confit.
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French bread pizza is yummy. You could try putting some green peppers, olives and mozzarella on with a good tomato sauce.
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Seconding eating it fresh. I like french bread with pesto as a dip. Yum.
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Really good fresh baguettes turned into slices of toast make me sad. I suggest crusty sandwiches - maybe a bahn mi made with fish? Or chunks with cheese fondue, or maybe MK Fisher's oyster loaf?

Or maybe it's not such an awesome baguette, in which case you might make a nice panzanella or something...or use a piece in some gazpacho.

Or maybe you're like me, and "baguette and a jar of tapenade" seems like a perfectly reasonable main course already.
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Semmelknödel mit Schwammerl. Replace the pretzels with baguette and leave out the bacon. Note that the baguette has to be stale or you'll end up with a soggy mess.
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cut into 1/4inch slices brush with or dip in olive oil. Place oil side down on cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for 3-5 minutes (be careful not to let the burn). serve with mussels (below).

mussels: saute 1/4 cup chopped onion in a couple tablespoons of butter. Add 1/2 cup of white wine and let the wine heat up a bit. Add mussels (I do 1lb for 2 people and it is plenty). Cover and let steam for 5 minutes. (our gas stove is usually on 4-5 (out of 6) so that is probably med to med-high heat). Scoop out mussels and eat with gently toasted baguette.
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Banh mi!
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Panzanella (Tuscan Bread Salad)
Really good (i.e. Plugra Salted) Butter and Homemade or Greenmarket Jam
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If the baguette goes stale, make savory french toasties.

Dip slices in a mixture of eggs, milk, salt/pepper and spices of your choice. Brown on both sides in frying pan. Top with fresh shredded cheese and/or herbs and/or whatever else you might like.
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Here's a recipe for tofu banh mi. Note that the author seems to think she's giving the sandwich a "vegetarian makeover," but as far as I'm aware, tofu banh mi is quite traditional.
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The modified 'Elvis' - make sandwich of bacon, slices of banana, peanut butter. Toast it.
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2nding Fondue
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Any kind of jelly is really good on baguettes.. especially Bonne Maman Four Fruits Reserves. Best. jelly. EVER.
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3rding fondue
Pan Bagna also works well on a baguette.
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Slice it in half, brush on some olive oil, salt, garlic powder, musrooms and feta. Throw it under the broiler for a couple of minutes to toast. Yum!
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Nth-ing the banh mi recommendations, and pointing out that, for the pescatarian, sardine is a totally Vietnamese-authentic, tasty filling.
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My favorite sandwich at a little place with great crusty bread is prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil with cracked black pepper. It is really delish.
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*hehe, you are pescatarian, but the fresh mozz + basil + tomato would be delish instead. :)
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Slice in half, put some olive oil\butter on it, put tomatoes, onions and cheese on that, add any other veggies or toppings you like on stuff, and stick it in the oven for like 5-10 minutes. MMmm mmm.
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Top fresh baguette slices with brie cheese. Serve with wine and fresh fruit & eat until you drop. Yum!
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Sliced tomatoes, rounds of goat's cheese, black pepper and fresh thyme, flash under the grill . . . mmmm.

I hate to gloat but this did just remind me that it's nearly lunchtime and I must thus go and pick up a baguette from the wood fired bakery down the road in the little French village in which I live :)

Happy munching one and all!
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Garlic soup -- in its simplest form: take a whole bunch of garlic, around a bulb per serving, at least, chop into large chunks and fry in olive oil (you might want to roast half of it first), add a light vegetable stock (Marigold Vegetable Bouillon is excellent) and simmer to reduce. I like to add an layer of olive oil on top, but it's easy to over do this.

Meanwhile slice the baguette into rounds or ovals. When the soup is ready grill on one side , turn over , sprinkle with grated Parmesan. When done place in the soup bowls and ladle the soup over the top.
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There are many delicious Spanish tapas and pinchos that you can make with a baguette and sardines or anchovies.
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Back in this outstanding recipe thread, LoriFLA posted this link to Lemon Chicken with Crutons. I have made this chicken, and it is OMG delicious. I used old wheat bagels for the crutons, and I've been meaning to try it with baguette.
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