Nice work, can I have the name of your tattoo artist?
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Tattoo artist sought in Central New York (preferably Syracuse).

I've a piece between my shoulders that I would like to get spruced up/covered up. I know very few folks with tattoo work in this area; getting recommendations from friends has fizzled out quickly.

I currently have a plainly designed, but fully colored butterfly. It has faded over the years, and I would like to make it more interesting. I have zero artistic skills, beyond appreciation. So, I'd like someone that can help guide the work artistically, as well.

I'd like to move towards a more intricately detailed tattoo, but I'm also open to tribal/knot work as well. In case that's any help in recommendations...
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you've got mefi mail. =)
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All of the artists at Scarab Body Arts on Walton Street in Syracuse are good and the shop is very clean.

I am friends with the owner of the shop, who is a highly respected body modification artist in his own right (but only does piercing and scarification). He has a ton of tribal tattoo work done by Nik. That's the shop owner's backpiece in the bottom row.
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I haven't had any work done there, but my son was just at Scarab and was very impressed with the artist he talked to.
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check out Denise De la Cerda.

she's in the city (soho, i believe) but i can tell you this...i travel from indiana to have her work on me. she is simply amazing. if you see her, tell her foxy D from indiana sez "namaste'" :)
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i guess she's also working in little falls, NY -- but i don't know where that is in reference to you. good luck!!
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