Recommend Hindi language learning sites?
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Can you recommend any intermediate level Hindi language learning resources online?

I have a basic grounding in the Hindi language, having taken 2 years of evening courses in Hindi.

I can read Devanagari script without any problems. I originally learnt Hindi using Rupert Snell's "Teach Yourself Hindi" book, which is excellent. However, I stopped going to classes about a year ago so I need a way of keeping my Hindi up.

I want some intermediate level resources (preferably online) to improve and widen my Hindi. I've tried to read the BBC Hindi website, using the dictionary at to help me along, but the standard of the language is way beyond me.

I'm looking for some Hindi language learning sites that are of a lower intermediate level to get some practice and some tips. However, despite my attempts to find such sites I simply can't - I'm sure they must exist as I've found equivalent sites for less popular languages such as Tamil.

Any advice would be helpful - I can't afford (timewise or moneywise) to go to more classes at the moment.
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Best answer: Well, there's the Foreign Service Institute language course here. It's a PDF, so I didn't download it myself, but you can check it out and see if there's anything at the right level for you. The forum has a bit of info, too.
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Best answer: Ok, so having had a few sips of coffee to wake up, here are some more resources, culled from the forum I mentioned.

Links for learners of Hindi and Gujarati

A Door Into Hindi elementary Hindi learning website from North Carolina State University.
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