Need help for 21st birthday facebook event...
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Need help for 21st birthday facebook event...

My friend is turning 21 and wants to make an event on facebook for the party. It's a house party.
The event needs a creative title (Not "My 21st bday party"), a tagline, and a description for the party. She wants it to be really witty and humorous.
It's going to be a casual party with friends, who are between the ages of 18-26.
She was thinking of putting some funny rap lyrics in the description but wasn't sure if that was the right way to go..
Also we need an event picture if you guys have any ideas...
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Keep in mind that while creative is nice, it's still important that a description of what the event actually is be included in either the Event Name or Tagline field. Otherwise, everyone will assume it's just another lame spam-related thing, and click it off without reading it.
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With regard to an image: once you come up with a creative title, you do a google image search for that phrase. The first result becomes the image for your event.
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Name: Little Women-- X comes of age!
Tagline: "And she realized she was no longer a little girl," and bought us all beer!
Description: (continue here with the Alcott theme)
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It's her party. It's her friends. How the hell are some random people on a website going to know what you guys would find funny? Or what kind of picture you might like? FFS.
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Facebook party invites are some of my favorite ways of coordinating a party. Hard to think of a good title without knowing your friend, but I personally take cues from movie trailers...

"When Twenty met One" Coming soon to a house near you....
Time could not stop it, but beer can slow it to a blur...

...a rough draft... but i'm sure you could run away with the concept lol

As for a picture, do you know anyone good with photoshop?
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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Name hits Blackjack.

With an image possibly of a blackjack 21 hand.

Just the first thing that popped into my head.
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Every time I have posted a party on facebook, no one ever reads the description.
I had a glam-rock party and half the people that showed up in street clothes were scared out of their minds at all the half-naked people throwing glitter everywhere and dancing in their mullets.

Think of a good theme, and your party tagline shall follow.
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