Playing flash video when a click is required to start?
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Is there any way to get a flash video to play when a click is required to start it? I would like to be able to programmatically visit a site that has a flash video and then click on the start button. I have looked into Selenium, but there doesn't seem to be an easy solution there.
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I'd imagine this would be a security issue on the Flash side due to the use of Flash in advertising coupled with the problem of click fraud.
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If said site is Youtube you could use Greasemonkey to start the player since it now has a javascript API. If not, maybe a sample link and I can try to help you?
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Response by poster: It has been mentioned that it can be done with Selenium.

But I'm not clear on the details and would like a concrete example.

For instance, I would like to make this video play in an automated fashion.

It currently requires user interaction in the form of a click.
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