please, someone get Verizon out of my life
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How do I find out which phone companies provide local service in my new home?

I'm moving to a house in Washington state that previously had a Verizon landline, so I called Verizon to set up a landline myself. I really should have just shot myself.

I want to get my landline from a different company. Any company. Even "We Suck Phone Service." (It can't be worse.) How can I find out what phone companies provide local phone service to my home? The helpful people at Verizon told me I have no choice, it's them or no landline. I am not inclined to believe anything they say, but don't know how to go about finding out the truth. (Please let it not be that they are my only choice.)

(I have no interest in going without a landline, so suggestions along that line really won't help. But thanks for thinking of me anyway.)
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Does the town have a website? Mine has a "Resident's" section that lists contact information for all the local utilities and services.

Would you consider having a phone provided through cable as a landline? I have that, and because it's tied to the local cable company, I've been please with how easy service and set-up is compared to something like Vonage (which gave me no end of headaches).
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If your town doesn't have a website, go to the town hall or wherever you pay your water bill and ask there. Or borrow the phone book in a local establishment (I'm assuming you don't have one). New resident information should be located in the front of the phone book.
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I'm in Washington. I get my phone through Comcast, along with TV and the Internet. Perhaps you could call Comcast and ask if they'll provide service for your address.
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From the OP: Thanks all ... I'll call the town office. The town's website lists Verizon for local phone, but the number it lists is to something not Verizon (didn't catch what, but I think it's just a wrong number). I'll call during business hours and see if someone can talk to me in person. (Why do I always investigate these things after hours?? Oh right, I work during the day.)

I really can't have cable phone, as the phone line is necessary for the fire/security alarm -- it can't be tied to something that is dependent on electric power. Also, I'm thinking of becoming a Luddite, and a landline seems to fit with that general mindset.
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