Baking treats without baking people
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Looking for a way to bake some treats without baking the entire apartment.

I love to bake, but now it's getting hot and my tiny kitchen doesn't disperse heat well. If the oven is at 400 F, it's going to make the place hotter. I know about berry parfaits and other fruity summer desserts, but I like to bake. Anyone have recipes that either don't use the oven (stove seems to not heat the rest of the place as much, so crepes are an option) or keep it at a low temperature?
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Best answer: No bake cookies - Love 'em. (Note that you cook a little on your stove-top. They're not 'no cook' cookies.)
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There are some cheesecake recipes you don't have to turned up about a billion sites for that. And I also found this
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Best answer: FAIL! lets try again.

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Best answer: There are quite a few good non-oven recipes about. My personal secret weapon is this chocolate torte which generally leaves people thinking I'm some kind of culinary god.
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I use our toaster oven a lot in the summer when I can't stand having the whole oven on. Shoot, I use it all year if what I'm making can fit in there.
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You can bake cakes in a crockpot.
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How about a toaster oven? Still gets hot, but not as much heat into your kitchen.
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If you're feeling really ambitious, you can make this crepe cake.
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I used to have a book on microwave cake-baking... I think this was back in the 80s though, and I don't remember ever having the courage to try...
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I've made chocolate chip cookies just fine in the toaster oven.
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I agree that no-bake cheesecakes are easy and delicious.
Also, you can make mini cream pies with just pre-made pie crusts, chocolate pudding and whipped cream!
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Last summer we just had one window AC unit for the really hot days. To try and make the most of the cold air I put a tarp up over the door/passage between the living room and kitchen. Not exactly the most stylish but it did a decent job of keeping the cool air in the living room and hot air (made worse when cooking with the stove) in the kitchen.
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Best answer: Crockpot bread pudding. So damned good you won't believe it. If you want some recipes send me an email or memail or whatever those newfangled things are called.
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Meringue cookies often don't require a high cook temp. Many recipes call for 200° F. Alternatively, some meringue recipes call for a relatively high initial temperature (>400° F), but then you immediately turn the oven off after putting in the meringues.
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Definitely explore the toaster oven. I've done lots of toaster oven baking - chocolate chip cookies, apple tart (puff pastry, sugar glaze, and all), even small cakes, and it works wonderfully. You can get bakeware made especially for toaster ovens - tiny cookie sheets, 6 little muffins, etc.
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Pudding cake or spoon cake in a slow cooker.
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Hmm, what would a "hobnob" biscuit be exactly?
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Best answer: Icebox Cake.
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Best answer: Pavlova. The meringue only requires 250 degrees to cook, which is better than most "baked" things... and cream/fruit on top is tasty in the summer.
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The toaster oven method would probably work for the best chocolate cookies in the world.
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Bake them in your car.
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Look for 'refrigerator cookie' recipes. Basically, you make the dough, roll it up into a cylinder, and put it in the refrigerator. When you are ready for cookies, you slice a few and bake them in the toaster oven.

They are also called 'icebox cookies' sometimes.
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I try to avoid the oven, not just because it gets hot, but because I tend to burn things. Come to think of it, I should stay away from the stove too.

Paula Deen's Banana Pudding is my all-time favorite recipe. Everyone begs me to make it when we have pot-lucks at work. And then my boyfriend insists I make double-amount so he can bring some to work. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I use Paula's basic recipe, but I try to lighten it up a bit. I go with 2% milk, light cream cheese, and fat-free cool-whip. Chessmen cookies are the best, but you could probably use Nilla wafers too. Also, I've made it in little plastic cups for bake sales, using the mini-Chessmen. This recipe is best when you let it sit overnight so all the flavors meld and mush together. Oh also, it says to use an electric mixer but you can just use a whisk if you don't have one.
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Delicious one minute molten chocolate muffins from Foodbeam, cooked in the microwave!
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Response by poster: as a follow up: a new site about Toaster oven cooking via Ruhlman. I'm going to give the toaster oven a try this summer.
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