What's a good laptop-friendly Santa Cruz cafe?
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CoffeeFilter: Where to park my laptop in Santa Cruz?

I have a free afternoon in Santa Cruz, and like any self-respecting workaholic, I'd like to spend it in a coffee shop working on my laptop. What's a good laptop-friendly coffee shop? Main parameters are decent Wifi, acceptable coffee, and won't mind if I'm working there for a couple hours. Location isn't much of a concern.
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Moved from Santa Cruz back to Portland about a year ago so I hope these joints are still open.

Lulu Carpenter's has good coffee and wifi. Cafe Pergolesi is good too and even has a quiet room for college students.

If it were me, I'd drive one town over into Capitola and hang out at the Ugly Mug. It's upstairs with a great view of the beach. I sure miss the water.
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Wait, no. The Ugly Mug is in Soquel (it's pretty good too.) I got confused: what I meant was Mr. Toot's in Capitola. That's the one overlooking the beach. There's even a table outside on the small balcony.
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Best answer: Santa Cruz has tons of places to sit and work with your laptop. My favorites, in order of preference:

-Lulu's at the Octagon (118 Cooper St.): big tables, often crowded
-Lulu Carpenter's (1545 Pacific Ave.): smaller (but larger number of) tables, a little less crowded
-Cafe Pergolesi (418 Cedar St.): less crowded, might have loud music, can sit outside, a bit more funky :-)

These three are all downtown, so I usually just park in one of the many free lots and wander from one to another until I get a table. Have fun!
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Downtown, Pergolesi is where it's at.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers everyone! I'm writing this from a table outside at Pergolesi.

I told my advisor, who is also a coffee addict, about this thread, and he said incredulously, "So you could have asked about anyplace in the country, and gotten an answer within an hour?" Go AskMe!
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