Obviously Web 2.0 is not good enough. Help.
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Boss needs a CSS drop down vertical menu, circa non-existent Web 5.0. Oh, and he needs it tomorrow. Please point me at a picture or something to use as reference (or even use THAT) so I don't lose my job because I'm not psychic.
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Maybe one of the menus on this page will do?
posted by the dief at 12:34 PM on June 2, 2008

Or if you'd prefer iPod style menus...
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These dropdowns are quite nice. Almost pure CSS (just a little javascript for IE6). Pretty easy to customize if you know CSS. Frankly, though, I'm not really sure what you're asking for so this may be way off.
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Response by poster: bri - i'm not sure what the hell i'm asking for either.
posted by damnjezebel at 12:53 PM on June 2, 2008

Here are a few more from CSSPlay
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Suckerfish dropdowns

Son of Suckerfish

Is this what you're looking for, perhaps?
posted by citron at 3:23 PM on June 2, 2008

I'd suggest Suckerfish or Son of Suckerfish too.
posted by terrapin at 7:10 AM on June 3, 2008

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