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I'm in a job offer dilemma. I've verbally accepted an offer that i'm excited about. BUT, a job that I don't hesitate to say would be a dream company for me just had me interview again for one of two positions they are considering me for. Sounds like it is a slam dunk that i would get an offer from DreamCompany but it's the end of their quarter and they are wrangling a few details around, shifting head count, etc and won't have anything firm for a few more days but SortaExcitingCompany needs papers signed TODAY. Ugh - dilemma..... SortaExcitingCompany does not know anything is up yet. I'm tempted to see about getting a few days extension on the offer but worried about just retracting it all together. I know everything in the US is "at will" work anyway - but ethics still come into it for me at least.
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Ethics needn't enter into it--no company would give the reciprocal decision the consideration you are giving this. And you will probably employed "at will" so loyalty and fealty aren't on the table.

Having been in this position recently, my spouse used the "my significant other and and I need to really look at the offer together" excuse. That gained 3-4 days, which was enough to close the loop with my DreamCo. In the end, DC didn't hire her, so we're really glad we stalled but didn't walk away from SortaExcitingCo.
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If sortaexcitingcompany offered you something really speedily and expects you to get back to them asap, they are probably not that sold on you as a candidate and just need to fill a position NOW. You could botch your offer if you don't sign in time but it never hurts to try and get a few days to think it over--their response can indicate just how serious they are about you.

However, it seems like you're doing well interviewing, these probably aren't your only two options. Don't jump on something just because it's been offered if you don't think it's right for you. There is no harm in waiting unless you work in a very small or particular field and these are like the only two companies you'd ever expect to work for. I don't think ethics really comes into play here, as long as you are not signing papers and then bailing... you can get fired or laid off just as easily you know?
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don't count on DreamCo. hiring you, even if it seems like a slam dunk. Tell SEC you're interested in the job, but need another day or so to crunch some numbers. If you don't hear from DC by then, take the job with SEC.
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SortaExcitingCompany probably won't hesitate to fire you in 3 weeks if circumstances change drastically. Therefore, you don't owe them anything more than reasonable and honest communication. Simply tell them that you need a few more days to make a decision. If they don't give it to you they probably just saved you a lot of heartache. If they are that inflexible when they are essentially trying to sell you on working there, how do you imagine they treat the captive employees?
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You should definitely look at the hiring process as an indication of how they value employees. If they won't give you an extra day or two to mull over an offer, then its not going to get any better once you're hired.
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