Chat room games (not cybersex)
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Text-based chat room games?

Some friends and I really enjoy playing a few rounds of marry-boff-kill together via a chat room. What other text-based games can we play together in a chat room? Genre and style don't matter.
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There are a few IRC trivia bots that you can run that will keep score etc. Lots of fun, and you can have secondary fun trying to catch people googling the answers.
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If you can run an eggdrop on IRC, you can get many games as seperate modules from websites hosting them. You can have fun with trivia scripts for different subjects, or even something silly like russian roulette. You'll find lots of them here
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What about MOOs, MUDs, MUSHs, and MUCKs?
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I used to play a lot of Acrophobia on IRC.
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I think tcv is on the money with MOOs, MUDs, MUSHes and MUCKs - But, a huge number of them are blighted with a lot of internal politics, and dwindling numbers - MUDs are probably your best bet as they have more automation and don't take forever to get into and don't rely on playing nice with other people as heavily.

Though I haven't really been involved with such things for a fewmany years now so might have a blurred memory of them.
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