How can I remember to read followups to my comments?
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Is there a website or firefox extension that will help me keep track of my blog comments?

By blog comments, I mean comments I've left on other people's blogs. Obviously the software for my own blog lets me know when there are new comments on it, but I read a fair few other blogs and often like to leave comments. I'd like to follow the discussion after that, but there often isn't a good way to do it. Some blogs offer email notification, but that's annoying and spammy if it's a very active blog. Some blogs offer per thread RSS feeds which is better, but not all of them do.

Is there some kind of tool / site that I can use to push a button and say 'track the comments on this post forever more'?
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cocomment was supposed to do this, but I found it didn't quite work.
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I like Commentful, which has a Firefox extension.
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Response by poster: I'm trying Commentful, though Firefox 3 doesn't like their extension. The bookmarklet and the RSS feed seem like they'll pretty much cover it, assuming they work as required. It already seems like it doesn't work with NY times blogs, since it's not picking up new comments on Freakonomics.
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