Help Me Find a Sexy Weekend Bag (For a Guy)
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I am the unproud owner of the world's most hideous weekend bag. I'd like to right the wrong by moving up to a really sexy-looking weekend bag (I'm a guy).

View this photo to experience the fugly, shiny, lumpy dismagnificence of hideous weekend bag (HWB). The bag measures 22" x 9".

The problem is that in terms of utility, i can't find anything as good as HWB. Its flaccid softness makes it easy to overstuff. And I like the zippered side pockets - also overstuffable - that can fit a shoe each, or separate dirty laundry. I like the flush-fitting velcroed outer pocket for documents and maps.

Is there anything out there that's also got lots and lots of space, with shoe/laundry-accommodating segregated pockets, but that's gaspingly masculine and sexy? Or shall I stick with function-over-form?

Oh, one thing: please, no conspicuously expensive leather that will get the thing stolen within the first month!

The Patagonia MLC isn't great looking, but its got the space, segregation, and overstuffability.

The Patagonia lightweight tote is perfect, but nearly as ugly as HWB

This banana republic pebbled leather duffle is awesome looking (though lacks segregated space for shoes/laundry)...but it seems oh-so-stealable.

This nylon weekend bag from banana republic seems like a decent compromise.

Is there anything perfect out there?
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HWB - wow! You're right about that. :)

Do you want something that is approximately the same size, or is larger ok?
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LeSportsac Stack Duffle
LeSportsac Amplitude Duffle
LeSportsac Large Weekender
Ghurka Killburn
Ghurka Cavalier II (21 inches long) - Cavalier III is 24 inches long, Cavalier IV is 30 inches long
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I love my Skyway Doctor's bag for the weekend. The pictures do not show the bottom compartment, which I use for my laptop, phone charger, camera charger and other misc electronics. The inside is all one compartment, but it's a light, sleek bag and extremely well-designed. I find little design features which surprise me with their utility every single time I use it. It's only $25, too.
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I'd seen this in another MeFi post about a gift for someone finishing school, but I bookmarked the bag because it was so highly recommended and looked pretty cool, here's the link to the AWOL bag.
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Man, I kind of like your ugly bag. I don't know about replacing it... it has personality. And personality goes a long way.
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These two show up a lot if you search froogle for "duffel side pockets".
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I also like your bag. Plus, if you want something "sexy" you're going to have to buy something that somebody else might want to steal.
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Different totes for different folks, because I LOVE your HWB. I will buy it from you. It's "gaspingly masculine and sexy". I think I can smell your testosterone from all the way over here....

I second the Ghurka Killburn bag. Tumi makes pricey but gorgeous duffels and other stuff. Also, I thought the messenger bag that mathowie bought, which was made from a vintage repurposed London Fog trenchcoat, was devastatingly sexy, so check etsy for one-of-a-kind goodies.
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Red Oxx sells great stuff but then it depends on how much you want to spend on that sexiness.
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Response by poster: incognita, I'd like about the same size. I can fit this under an airline seat. Couuld probably fit something slightly larger, if it were equally soft and flaccid as HWB

fusinski and fire&wings, I'll surf the recommendations (a little later), but I have a feeling you're right, and I'll wind up sticking with HWB. I get some nasty looks from doormen and porters, but frak 'em...

iconomy, that ain't my testosterone you're smelling....

hal_c_on, I'm not capable of "rugged". Two day beards and ugly bags make me look shleppy, not manly. Blame my genome. If you saw me in an airport, you'd think I just stumbled out of an asylum with this bag. it's not a "good" kind of broken in. Problem is I'm a pretty good photographer, and made the thing look somewhat noble. Which, really, it is, but just to me...

Others: I'll surf later, and thank you much!
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I like your HWB. It makes me think you'd smell like aftershave and know how to chop wood and build a fire.
For a professional weekend trip though, I like the SkyWay Doctor's bag that crush-onastick linked to. I might even get one myself. They hold up well, crush? I seem to have zipper problems with the cheaper bags...
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Response by poster: rmless, I'd love to be that studly brutish devil-may-car Marlboro Man for you, I really would. But while I hate to puncture that image, you've likely already read my disclosure, just above, re: my abject shloomphiness. I'll come back as That Guy next life, though, and sweep you right off your feet (with my bulging non-weekend-bag-holding arm).
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Stick with the HWB. Maybe give it a bit of TLC with some leather treatment to bring back some of the colour and grain, but that's a bag with character and history.
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Response by poster: It never had color or grain. It was like eleven bucks at some cheap chain. The photo makes it look like rugged worn quality. It's not. It's shiny orange cheapy lumpyness. Applying leather treatment to HWB would be akin to applying hair mousse to a kewpie doll's locks.
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rmless: I've had no trouble with the zippers on that bag and I use it roughly every other weekend. It is a little tall to go under the seat on some aircraft, but not most of them. I store it folded almost in half and it still looks good.
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Go for this. It's sporty.
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I think you're nuts. You have the greatest bag in the world already! That old world-weary thing screams sexy and experience. If you dont want it, send it to me and I'll gladly pay you the cost of some genderless, synthetic, personality-vacant travel bag in return.
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I bought a duffel from SportChalet for $10 or similar. Black, nylon, frickin' amazing. One pocket.

I'd imagine the trick is to have stuff-bags inside - different colours for different things, with a washbag as well.
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I agree with all of those people. It's a great bag.

But if you insist of replacing it, consider one of these Territory Ahead bags. My mom, despite not being a guy, packs mountains of stuff in the pictured Guy Stuff Mail Bag.
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Oh, one thing: please, no conspicuously expensive leather that will get the thing stolen within the first month!

Sorry, just saw that part.
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Lose the bag. That bag is bent on vengeance. It will have one more stab at life and leap up at an inappropriate moment and ask you whether you remembered to pack the Walther or whether you returned the call to the STD clinic. That bag is mean; it will betray you.
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Maybe I'll save you some time-- a big NO to cior's "sporty" option (too gaudy) and a heart recommendations for several of tangerine's "Territory Ahead Bags." The latter ones aren't conspicuous but still classy and interesting, with character and ample compartments.
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Oh my! I'm a bag connoisseur and I have to have one of those Territory Ahead bags. And I'm a girl. Thanks for the tip tangerine! That aside, I've been trying to talk my boyfriend into buying this Paul Frank Weekender bag. I think it's pretty stylish and roomy enough, but it doesn't have all the pockets you want.
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