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Vegetarian RestaurantFilter: Can anyone suggest a good vegetarian restaurant near the Mass Pike (probably in Worcester or Springfield)?

I'm taking a friend to Boston for the week; we're heading out tomorrow. My plan is to get dinner on the way, but I think that's scared her, as she's vegetarian and it would start the trip with a bad taste in her mouth if we went to a fast-food/rest-stop place. I'd like to surprise her by stopping at a good vegetarian place (or place with good vegetarian options) that's not too out of the way (so that we can still arrive at our hosts at a reasonable time - around 8). Google maps says that Springfield and Worcester are the major cities we'll be near from 5-7. I'd prefer to not drive anywhere in Boston except to and from our hosts'.

The only one I've found so far is Quan Yin Vegetarian, which has few reviews and no menu online, so I'm appealing to the Hive Mind for recommendations. Thanks!
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My veggie friends in Worcester swear by Sahara, 143 Highland Ave. Middle Eastern food, nice ambiance, good veggie options.
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I can recommend Paul and Elizabeth's in Northampton,MA, which is about 15 min north of Springfield. A little pricey maybe, but good food and is inside the Thorne's Marketplace which is worth a visit in and of it self for the neat little shops.
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Bela, also in Northampton, is a bit of a hole in the wall but the food is quite good. I've taken decided carnivores there and they were not disappointed - the food is hearty and filling.
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Do y'all like Mediterranean food? If so, check out Cafe Lebanon in downtown Springfield. They have many vegetarian options & the food is so very very very yum.

mmm... Cafe Lebanon
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And if you need to MassPike now has FreshSide at the rest stops.
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My girlfriend highly recommends the Lily Pad in Worcester . Couldn't find a website, but the review I linked to seems to have all the pertinent info.
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