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Best US bank for cheap atm withdrawals in Prague.

I am going to be in Prague for 6 weeks and have heard the best way to get money is just to use atm machines. I currently have a Bank of America account and a Chevy Chase Bank account, but I wondered if there is some other bank will save me enough in atm fees that it is worth opening another account.
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Don't know how widespread HSBC is in Prague (they do list a Prague branch) but you could try them if you have one local to you here.
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I was just in Prague a couple of weeks ago. There is a Citi branch office not far from Wenceslas Square. I was there to exchange currency, so I did not notice whether they had an ATM, but I'd be very surprised if it didn't.

Unfortunately, I don't recall the address, but maybe the list of CitiBank ATMs in Prague will help. Maybe also the expat's guide will be helpful too.
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Join a bank that refunds all ATM fees. My bank does this-- City National Bank of Taylor Texas.
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USAA also refunds all ATM fees worldwide. If you qualify for a membership, it's a kick-ass bank.
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If you're in Chevy Chase Bank's footprint, you may have PNC nearby as well. They have an ATM fee-free account or accounts, but may require minimum balances.
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I had an account through State Farm's bank a couple of years ago when I went traveling, and I'm pretty sure there were no ATM fees for them.
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Best answer: Personally, I went with Capital One, as they also have a great no-fee policy to foreign credit card use, and practically no minimum for the account.

The Flyerguide wiki has a good article on the different policies and fees for foreign ATM and credit card use.
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Surprisingly, I've found my small local bank to be the most efficient.

I got an HSBC ATM card because I saw a lot of HSBC ATMs overseas. But I don't actually use it, because they charge a 3% fee on international withdrawals, silently included in the transactions. If you didn't look at the fine print, you would never know there was a fee. OTOH, my local bank charges a 1% fee, and lists it out as a fee. Much better.

(OTOH, it is useful to have a 2nd ATM card, if your plan is to rely on the ATM card for cash.)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. The flyerguide wiki has an extensive list of options. I decided to go with Schwab which should give me free atm withdrawals.
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