Making a better broccoli cheese soup.
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I am looking for some tried-and-true broccoli-cheese soup recipes that don't include canned soup or evaporated milk.

What are some traditional ways to make this soup fresh and natural? What are some off-the-wall ways to spice up this dish or make it more summery?
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Boil 2 cups fresh broccoli florets for 4 mins or until tender, add some sea salt. Reserve the water.
Throw in blender, add 1 cup of reserved water.
Using a kitchen towel, hold the lid closed on the blender to prevent hot water from flying all over the place.
Add sea salt and cracked pepper to taste.
Place 1 slice of goat cheese in bowl.
Pour soup into bowl.
Nom nom nom!
I learned this from Gordon Ramsey.
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I make this one from recipezaar. I don't use the optional Velveeta, and it's pretty good. You really have to cook the onions longer, IMO, and you do have to cook the roux for at least 5 minutes, or the onions are gross and crunchy.
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I find that Martha Stewart's recipes are nearly always delicious.

Broccoli soup with cheddar toasts

You could add cheddar to the soup just before serving.
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I know it's silly sounding, but is actually pretty good. Yes, the base concept is World of Warcraft based, but the soup's pretty tasty.
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Take a look at the recipe in Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison's Kitchen. It's super delicious and pretty light, and there are suggestions for tweaking it. I made mine with celeriac root. Fresh and natural is pretty much how I'd describe the difference between using homemade broth and not, so I'd definitely recommend trying that (the guidelines in the front of the book are kickass).
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1 head of brocolli
2 medium potatoes (cut in half, skin left on)
1 medium onion (cut in half)
2 stock cubes

Throw them in a large pot, cover with plenty of water, simmer for an hour. Throw the whole lot in the blender. Add grated cheese, salt & pepper, and a splash of cream/milk/sour cream to your liking. Easy.
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Whatever recipe you choose, don't make the mistake I made the last time I made broccoli cheese soup.
Do not, for the love of god, add all the cheese at once.

Otherwise, I usually freestyle my soup and don't go from a written recipe. I start with a roux. Take it to about the medium blond stage.
+ Chicken stock
+ onions, sometimes potatoes
Bring to boil, simmer until whatever is in there so far is close to being done. This is the time you prepare your bruschetta (Olive oil or butter and garlic and a tiny sprinkle of kosher salt please) or breadbowls
+ 1-2 heads of broccoli. Chunk it up before you put it in. My wife likes it smaller, I like some large chunks. I try to use a bit of the stem too because I think it has a nice peppery flavor to it. If you use the stem, be sure to peel it because the outside is a little tough.
+Cream or milk depending on how rich I want it. Usually cream because its yummier.
+Cheese. sharp chedda! Add it a little at a time once the broccoli is almost done.
Serve in your breadbowls, or in normal bowls with your bruschetta sticking out.

For a variation, I use left over baked potatoes, add in some really finely diced crispy bacon in the simmering stage, and a dollop or two of sour cream a minute before the cheese stage, and call it "loaded baked potato soup"
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1. "Blanche" the broccoli. In a boiling pot of salted water, throw in the chopped florets and stems. Take the broccoli out once the water is boiling again (about 2 minutes). Reserve. Rinse pot.

2. Melt butter, add and cover the pot ("sweat"):
- 1 cup minced onions,
- 1 cup minced carrots,
- 1 cup minced celery.
Stir-in 2 T flour to coat veggies, cook for one minute.
Slowly add 4 cups broth (or the above broccoli-water), stirring constantly, increase heat until a boil.
Reduce to low and gently add 1 lbs shredded American cheese (any processed cheese really). Let the cheese melt 2 minutes in the soup before starting to stir.
Gently simmer soup for 3 minutes. Do not boil or the cheese will curdle.
Add blanched broccoli, stir and cook for another 2 minutes.
Season with cayenne pepper.

The summer twist? Serve only a small cup of this calorie loaded soup with a summer salad as the main meal.
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Response by poster: These all sound great. I can't wait to try them all!

Thanks, everyone!
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