Mac Pro DVD troubleshooting
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Can / should I troubleshoot the optical drive on my Mac Pro?

Within the last month or so, the optical drive on my Mac Pro (a Pioneer DVR-112D) has become unresponsive. It still opens when I hit the eject key, but it doesn't close that way. If I push the tray closed, it doesn't mount the disc. The machine's working fine in every other way, and passes its self-tests when I reboot it.

Googling hasn't been helpful, I see plenty of hits on how to force an eject (which is the one thing that works for me). I've checked the Apple site and some documents I found there, but nothing that's really addressed my problem. I don't believe I got the AppleCare plan, and while I could do that I'm wondering if it is possible to resolve this myself, either by some sort of DIY troubleshooting guide or by simply getting a new DVD drive. I'd really rather not lug the thing in to the local Apple Store. Any advice?
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Well, you have applecare for the first year of your purchase. Call over to any applestore. According to that page, that includes onsite repairs, with some conditions. It's worth a call to apple.

But most parts for computers are 'replace'. You'd buy an equivalent drive, remove the one you have (fairly easy) and replace it.
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Definitely try Apple first. Phone apple care and speak to someone. Even if your Mac is outside of the 1 year hardware warranty and didn't buy extended AppleCare you might be able to get some traction.

The DVD drive is almost definitely considered (you should check) a DIY replacement item. Apple will send you a replacement drive, you swap 'em out, and send back the broken drive.

If you don't get anywhere through Applecare then, buying a replacement drive is your best option (do some research on what drives are 100% compatible). But definitely, definitely try Applecare first, even outside of warranty.

FWIW they replaced my defective ATI video card on my Mac Pro about 6 months after the 1 year warranty expired. It was a bit of a hassle, but in the end it saved me a few hundred bucks.
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If you do need to open it up, I find the guides at to be awesome.
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It's worth noting that the replacement drives (Pioneer 115s) are about $34 right now, and are super-easy to install.

Here's a good place to buy them. (Satisfied customer, no other connection)

The Mac Pro will hold two optical drives, and it requires only a Phillips-head screwdriver to install. The extra screws for mounting a second drive are screwed into the side of the aluminum cage. The cage slides out when the side is off and the lock is disengaged.
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Response by poster: (Extremely belated) thanks for the responses. I'll see if I can get anywhere on the phone, and if not will install a replacement myself.
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