Seeking free 3d models of office and residential buildings to download
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Where could a young, devilishly handsome architect find free 3d models of office and residential buildings to download, preferably in 3ds or DXF format?

Trees and vehicles would come in handy as well.
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try Most of their models will cost a bit, but you'll find some free stuff too.
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I deal with this sort of thing verrrry tangentially at work, and I might have some resources for you there. I'll check tomorrow and shoot you an e-mail if I find anything. A couple off of the top of my head that might help... Viz Depot or 3Dimension or Rocky 3D.
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as geekanimator says, Turbosquid is your best bet, but I hope that a d.h.a. is able to produce some quick and dirty ones as well. You might also look at cgarchitect for others.
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Response by poster: grimley, this particular d.h.a. is able to and is doing so, but I need to quickly populate an entire cityscape, so.
Thanks for the links so far!
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Best answer: Here is the free architecture model list at 3Dcafe

Also -> check out automatic CGI city generation for the masses, baby
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