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cellphonefilter: I recently purchased a Sony Ericsson T637, and was unhappy to find that it does not have a standard 2.5 mm headset adapter, but rather some proprietary thing. According to SE's site, my only choices are a few cheap earbud/dangly microphone sets or an expensive Bluetooth one. [contemplating my options inside]

What I'd really like would be a comfortable earpiece with a boom mic, preferably with noise cancellation or whatever performance enhancers are available, particularly for the mic. My car is on the noisy side, so sound quality is much more important than price and comfort, but of course those factor in too. There are adapters for some older phones, but I haven't seen any that specifically say they will work with the t637. Anybody know if it is the same connector? As for the bluetooth sets, I'd really dig the cool factor and all, but as I said, sound quality and performance are key, and I've seen a few amazon reviews suggesting that BT headsets aren't as good as wired ones. Is this true even if the only wired ones available are the cheapo crap things? Finally, any thoughts on brands of BT headsets? Jabra looks like the industry leader, but I've seen a few people say that jabra doesn't always play well with SE. Is there really a difference?
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Response by poster: Also, will this headset work with the t637?
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I don't have the answers you seek! but I've found that the forums here are an unbeatable source for all things cellular.
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get the bluetooth headset. Jabra wraps around your ear, then pokes inside the ear canal. The Motorola foldy headset is small and light, but cheaply built. The smaller Sony-Ericsson headset is generally well-regarded.

Think of how much wax your ears produce before you buy a headset that tries to stick something in your ear canal. Now think of all that wax in your pocket, bag, etc.

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Response by poster: is it much different from in-ear headphones? I've used these for a while without too much wax buildup, so I didn't really consider that to be a potential problem.
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