Free or cheap conversational Spanish language lessons in New York?
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Any free or cheap Spanish language lessons in New York? [reasons for miserliness inside]

One of my friends is doing a Masters in Journalism at Columbia Uni. She's been assigned to cover the Bronx beat as part of her course. As expected, she's a struggling student without lots of money, so she needs to learn conversational Spanish without busting the bank.

So... anybody know any place / person where she can learn Spanish for either free or at an affordable price? Apparently, there are free Chinese lessons in the city, but nothing on the Spanish front yet.
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Here's an idea:

1. Pick up a basic Spanish grammar book at a used book store. Study it.

2. Place an ad on craigslist to offer to buy a native Spanish speaker (cheap) lunch semi-regularly in return for talking in Spanish with her/correcting her etc. Given that she's female, she'll probably get a good response for this.
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Meetup also has a "Spanish enthusiasts" meetup for people who want to practice their Spanish.
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is she single? a spanish speaking boyfriend might be useful. worked for me. kind-of.
alternatively, surely new york must have spanish speaking people who want to learn english. why doesn't she just ask in a local shop in the area where she's having problems? bet someone knows someone who knows someone who would trade spanish for english, and it's also a great way to get to know people.
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Cortina Spanish, $130 on CD or cassette
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Response by poster: is she single?

Hehe. No, she's recently married, though her hubby is not there with her.

(Did I mention she's a fellow Indian?)
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