Help us read the writing on the bag
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What does this bag say?

My mom received a gift from one of her international students in this bag (pic 1 | pic 2)

Could someone please tell me what language it is, and what it says?

There seems to be the McDonald's golden arches in a few places, so we had a guess that the writing might be the names of stores in a mall or something?

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The writing is Chinese. Beyond that, I'm sure someone will be along to translate in just a few minutes.
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"I just like..."
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also, see here.
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"I just like [it]" - McDonald's Chinese slogan - in a bunch of different fonts.
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There is only one phrase on the bag, but it is written in a variety of classical caligraphic forms (incl. grass script, seal script, &c.)

As it is not actual Classical Chinese - it's just written in classical scripts - you could consider the character set used here to be so-called Traditional Chinese.

All of them say 我就喜歡 (romanised in Hanyu Pinyin as wǒ jiù xǐhuān,) which means "I like (it)" This is the Chinese language translation used by McDonalds in all of Greater China (mainland, Taiwan, &c.) for the English-language slogan "I'm Loving It"

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I'm Loving It我就喜歡 by Alexander Wong (王力宏)
2005 Remix
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I think they used the pretty bag, counting on your Mom to not be able to read it or know that it came from a Chinese Happy Meal. Sshh.
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