Sriracha mess...
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Accidentally splattered hot chili sauce onto the kitchen floor. Any sneaky (the less toxic, the better) tricks to remove the stain?
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Err, what kind of floor?
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From this post on the blue, how to clean floors and carpets.
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Yeah, what's the floor? Try a mop and sorta work up from there.
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It's tile flooring. I've tried an all-purpose cleaning solution from Trader Joe's as well as Windex. The tile is green so bleach might not be a good idea. Arrgh. Thanks for the links, though!
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Is it stuck in the grout? If it is, I would suggest getting some baking soda, mixing it with a little bit of water, letting it sit for a bit, and scrubbing it out with a toothbrush. If that doesn't do the trick, you can use OxyClean (Trader Joe's sells a generic equivalent in a big plastic tub, which is cheaper than if you picked it up elsewhere) or dishwashing powder (like Cascade), and do the same thing.

If none of these things work, you can use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (but gingerly!) to try to remove the stain. Be careful with this last method, though, because if you're tiles are colored, the peroxide might bleach them.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to cover it so your cats don't get to it!
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2nding Cascade (or generic dish powder) made into a paste, glorped onto the spot to rest for awhile, and then buffed off.

Also try vinegar.
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Gumption It'll come right off :) Non-Toxic too. Smells pleasant and cleans the shit out of everything. (It's made by Clorox although they seem to be unaware of that?? Even the .au site! They will probably be of little help. I've seen it online for $11! sweet jeebus, yeah they can stick that $3-$4 is more like it.)
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Lemon juice?
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Do you have an equivalent product to Jif over there? A cream cleanser that actually cleans the shit out of just about everything if combined with some actual muscle power and the appropriate cloth (microfibre cleaning cloth or for serious dilemmas a non-scratch mesh pad) should get rid of that horrible stain in no time (god, I feel like I'm in a Doris Day movie - you know the one, admit it! She ends up with a pool and bubbles and a car at the bottom of it). Anyway, yeah that should work if you can get it.
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Vinegar AND baking soda. Let it bubble for a little bit and then scrub with a soft brush.
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Um, what type of tile? Ceramic, vinyl, marble...? I'm trying to imagine chili sauce staining tile, and I can't quite get my head around it.

Anyhow, I think the vinegar or vinegar/baking-soda sounds like a potential winner.
Jif is a brand of peanut butter in these parts, though Unilever may sell it here under another name.
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The vinegar and baking soda combination seems to have faded it a bit. Also tried some lemon juice. I'll go for another round today and put more elbow grease into it.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!
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