Shave in NYC?
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Where is a good place to get a wet shave in New York City, preferably with a straight razor, (best if below Midtown)? Is this even legal in New York?
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Found these links:

Martial Vivot at Paul Labrecque

Art of Shaving

Goodness, a good wet shave with a straight razor is like uber-therapy. I hope you find a good one.
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Most any real barbershop can do it, I'm not sure why it wouldn't be legal. I sometimes used to get one (including my head) at the shop in the Columbus Circle subway station, but they had to close up for station remodeling. What you want to look for is a barber pole, and a few guys hanging around waiting. I've stopped in at a place just down from the Smith and 9th station in Brooklyn, and somewhere I just happened to be passing on the west side (around 36th and 9th, maybe). I don't even remember the names, because it was just a spur-of-the-moment, 'Oh, barber, I think I'll get a shave' thing. No one that's not confident enough to do it will volunteer to do it, so if you ask and they say yes, go for it.
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Here's another possibility downtown: Frank's Chop Shop. The reviews specifically mention straight razor shaves.
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I'm not sure why it wouldn't be legal.
Because a real straight razor would need to be sterilized between each use, and oversight of proper hygiene is a lot of work which in turn means that real straight razor shaves aren't legal in a lot of places. Even where they are legal most barbers opt to use things that look like straight razors but take disposable single or double edged blades, which solves the problem of sterilization, and removes the need for a skilled person to hone the razor(s).
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Freeman's Sporting Club in the LES/Soho area has a barber shop type thing in the back of the store. They do wet shaves there as well as haircuts, etc. The store and barber shop have a super cool vibe. A bit hard to describe, but very cool, masculine and a bit old-timey (though the clientelle is generally younger-- mid 20's to mid to late 30's men).

They also sell great shaving products-- i bought a super nice badger hair brush and some very nice soap here as a gift a few months ago. They sell regular razors as well as straight razors too.
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Just found this Barber Shop Locater [via Art of Manliness]
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