Transition from Windows to mixed Win/Mac
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Windows network admin moving into the world of Macs. Where & what to learn?

I'm currently a school's IT director and know my Windows XP & server2k3. I like Windows.

Alas, we might be getting a number of Mac laptops in the next year or so (50-100). As such, I need to learn how to manage the Macs on my network. We'd still have a lot of Windows on the network.

I'm looking for tips or tricks on making a possible transition. Good resources for Windows-->Mac? Or good resources for Mac network management in general.
Heck, is managing a fair number of Macs even reasonable in a Windows server environment, or am I just better off getting a Mac server?
My experience with Macs is non-existent. My knowledge ends at their finally using TCP/IP instead of AppleTalk!
Too limit things down, I'm not looking for an MCSE-like tomb, but some resources to at least get me on my feet.

Of possible consequence is I do quite a bit of locking down through GPOs (can't change backgrounds, no editing of IE to use proxies, etc) and each student has their own (non-roaming or mandatory) log on with a mapped network home share. Of use would be knowing how AD & GPOs interact with Macs.

I'll also plan on getting Macs to mess with before anything's rolled out, but pointers beforehand sure can come in use.

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Best answer: Integrating Macs with AD found with a casual search.

This seems like a great page for mapping AD and GPOs from the windows world to os x.
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Best answer: AFP548 and Mike Bombich's site are essential.
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In short? If it's a documented feature, and it's difficult, you're doing it wrong. This rule has helped many a sysadmin make the transition. Use it wisely, young padawan.
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