Nom de Femme de Guerre... on Wheels
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What's my name, sucka? For roller derby, that is.

I need help picking the best Roller Derby name for me. It must be unique, which is to say, not found on this list or too similar to anything that is. There's already a Victoria Deck 'Em, and a girl can't get Kicktoria Deck 'Em. Too similar. Dig?

My given name's Amber, so anything clever, sexy, merciless or badass riffing on Amber or preferably Ambrosia is where it's at, or anything just AWESOME. I also like Professor Pain /Doctor DETH sorts of names, since I'm kinda academicky.

The only other things about me I can conceive of that could possibly be incorporated into this are that I'm big, blonde, have dimples, and am a dommey deviant of the first order.

My ideas so far are: Amberlance (weee-ooo, weee-ooo... boo)
Ladykiller (might be too similar to Lady KillHer)
Lyssa Virus (Too bad my name's not Lyssa, but it means Rabies, so how cool is that?)
and Bitey.
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Response by poster: I almost forgot, it ought not be too graphic. I know you're all jumping at Slutbags McWhoricutty, but that's not okay. A little double entendre is fine.
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Amber Alert?
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GAH! Steve Elvis beat me... it's got to be Amber Alert.
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I beat you to failing. It's on the list.
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"If You Want To Have Cities You've Got To Build Roads; Amber"
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Amber Amputator
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Amber Iceberg


Ambrosia I'm-a Beat-ya
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Best answer: What about Amber Virus? It's a computer virus and a real virus as well.

Also, Slambrosia.
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Do you like philosophy?

Seneca of sadism

related: Senecaustic


Proustian Punches

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^ iconomy: "
Also, Slambrosia.

This I like.
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Totally unrelated to Amber, but I always fantasized my roller derby name would be Commie Gibbler... you're welcome to it, I'm never going to learn how to rollerskate.
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Slamber Party
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Another vote for Slambrosia.
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love slambrosia
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Bling Kong
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Best answer: Ambrosianocide
Ambrosia Betelguese

'ambrosia' comes via Latin from Greek 'ambrotos', meaning 'immortal'. That's pretty rad.

Ambrosia Beetles are pretty darn cool too.

This is also interesting, from the Wikipedia entry for 'ambrosia': "In one version of the story of the birth of Achilles, Thetis anoints the infant with ambrosia and passes the child through the fire to make him immortal—a familiar Phoenician custom—but Peleus, appalled, stops her, leaving only his heel unimmortalised."

I would assume that's where we get the phrase "achilles heel", referring to the weak part of this case, the part that wasn't doused with ambrosia and put through fire.

That was all somewhat of a tangent, but I have a whole new appreciation for your Metafilter name now!
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Best answer: ^ Amber Dextrous
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I don't see a Slam-Ber on your list (which is great - Smackajawea! Ha!); short and sweet.

Um, the Greek name for amber was Electron, there's places that could go...
While waiting for more replies, try starting at the wikipedia Amber (disambiguation) page and see if anything inspires?

AmberOwesYa - a Beatdown!
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Or a slightly more aggressive version:
Arm-bar Dextrous
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Slambrosia is great! Here are some others:

• Doc Holliday / Doc Rolliday
Georgia O'Grief
Malice Cooper
• Goria Malign'em
• Miss Aries (or Miss Airy) - Also BONUS since you actually are an Aries!
• Madam Throws'ya (ugh, I tried. Nothing rhymes with ambrosia.)
Siouxsie Siouxicide WHAT

And depending on your position:
JAMMER: Jamber, Jam-her, Jam-brosia (Tiffany Jammer Knees-in, or omg Kelly KaPLOWski), etc.
BLOCKER: Block Cousteau, Betty Blocker, Davy Blockette,
Pivot: ?????

this is so fun omg frustrating to the MAX! I am miffed that so many of my names were already taken. Hrmph.

* edited after checking the list - registered names stricken
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Mon dieu. Some of the names on the list are excellent.

My suggestions (which are basically variations from Iconomy's pun):
Bambrosia. Then you can just yell "BAM!" like Emeril everytime you, uh, do whatever it is you do in roller derby.
Jambrosia or Jam-ber, for obvious reasons.
Burning Ambers, which might not be as obvious and isn't as kick-assy.
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Best answer: I was really tempted not to tell you this one and keep it for myself in case I ever become a roller girl or have a burlesque routine, but since a post of yours cemented the term in my brain, it's only fair I tell you about it...

Penny Dreadful.
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Damn! numinous beat me to the Jam-ber suggestion.
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Isn't Amber Alert that thing where kids get abducted? Not sure thats such a great name.
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Best answer: Slamber is probably the way to go, but I think that Cobra Commamber would also rule, as clumsy as it is.
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Amburglar (wear a striped top)


Flyin' Amber



(Sally Force? Bethwish? Argh, Juggernaughty is taken...)
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Best answer: Bang Zoom (Honeymooners reference... and double entendre?)
The Dislocatrix
Deadly Ambrosia, how sweet the kiss of Death
Intercontinental Ballistic Amber
Princess Hurtsalot

And finally... (drum roll please)
The Bung Dropper
(now that's menacing)
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Ambitious Pain

Amber She Devil

Skull Pulper

Boobie Crusher

Genghis Amber

Ass Breaker

Brass Ovaries

Ball Cruncher
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Bloodsport McTimecop
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Ambruiser Destroyer
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Best answer: Or Amberserker
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Seconding Slambrosia. And yeah, in the not-Ambrosia vein, piratebowling's Penny Dreadful is truly fine. Also consider Daaaamn!brosia, with built-in emphasis for whenever you're announced, or Amblur, if you're going to be jamming. Ambergris is kinda nasty in concept, if somewhat obscure these days, but you could make it Ambergristly (Adams?) for double the fun.
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Professor Murder
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Amber WavesofPain

(and another vote for Slambrosia - that's a good 'un)
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Screaming Mimi
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I don't know why this was the first thing to come to my mind:

Ambernito Muscle-ini

But these are kinda cool too:

AV Clubb

Ambrosia & Omega
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The Fossilmaker
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Thought of this one in the shower last night: Ambrosia Solid

I still like Bitey, though.
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Best answer: Zed Lopez introduces an interesting angle:
The Sticky Immobilizer
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Best answer: Nom de Femme de Guerre
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Ambergris Blowhole
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Amber Asskicka
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It seems that I came into this thread too late to have any orginal ideas, but after skimming that list, keep in mind that your number is another source of hilarity (most common seem to be 666, 69, and 420 fwiw). A good examle of this is Abraham Drinkin', number: 4score & 7.
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Calamity Amber kinda rolls off the tongue, no?

The Evil Midnight Amber What Ambs at Midnight

Amberomeda Strain

Ramber: First Blood

Pantone 14-1045 TPX
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Response by poster: [this is great]

Marked a few favorites... I'm being awfully indecisive, but I really have a big assortment to choose from, here!!
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Tara Ligament
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I heartily support
SLAMbrosia or SLAMber (gotta do the emphasis)

And an alternative to SLAMbrosia could be WHAMbrosia...

I see Amber Waves of Pain is already taken, as is Ambruisia.

It should be noted that none of the names on the Big List end in "osia".

Amberserker and Ambergrief (or AmberGriefer) are OK.
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Everything good I thought of somebody else already suggested. However, if supreme geekiness is what you want to go for, I say roll under the name: Amber Hulk.
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Slamber Party

LOVE Tara Ligament. Very, very good.
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Response by poster: Here's a couple I've come up with, but I'm still not decided, sorry.

Ayn Rammed
The Mad Madam
Pain Rae
Bitch On Wheels (I cannot believe this is available.)
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OMG! Bitch on Wheels is available? Holy rollers, you HAVE to take it! It's so funny and random–I can hear the announcers now:
"And here comes that Bitch on Wheels, watch out!" and all the other girls will be like, "DAMN, I wish I thought of that!"
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I have to thank Ambrosia for helping me come up with my derby name...her reference to "Kicktoria Deck 'Em" led me to "Queen Kicktoria". Thanks!
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