Wikipedia offline on a mac?
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How can I read Wikipedia offline on my mac (bonus points for portable and cross-platform)?

I am going on a long trip (3 months) on which I will not have internet. I want to be able to have wikipedia with me when I go. I am aware of the many options for Windows (WikiTaxi seems to be the best) but I know no good up-to-date ones for Mac. I have no real coding ability (a smidge of processing...) and want something moderately easy to use.
I have tried (and failed at using) ksana4wiki.
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I played with KiwiX / WikipediaOnDVD a bit and it was OK. It's not the whole enchilada but it's a good chunk of the useful stuff.
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Also, I want a non-html version (unless there is a really recent version of the html that I can use).
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Piggybacking, I'm really curious how to do this under *nix
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Check out this page:

Check out the 14.1 GB file.

Good luck
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That is the unparsed XML. I need a way to view that in an easy to use, searchable environment.
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how "recent" are you after? currently has HTML of 2008-02...
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(and in theory at least, "searchable" comes for free with Spotlight on your mac...)
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gah! looks like is b0rked in some way or other, and is missing dumps for languages en and upwards... never mind me...
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This is a long shot, but there's a new version of the Wikipedia Encyclopaedia in TomeRaider format, if you don't mind spending $36 and using Windows.
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With a little bit of tweaking, you could create your own (html) mirror. From this page I found an example command line:

wget --mirror –w 10 –p --HTML-extension –-convert-links

  • Make sure to do the "-w 10" part, without it your computer would give their servers a pounding. Some people might still claim that this is an unacceptable burden on their servers. I don't know, and I've never been any sort of server admin. I'm prepared for people to say that this is a terrible idea, and be right. Listen to them.

  • This will take a long time.

  • I haven't tested this, you'll have to supply the details. Here's a man page.

  • I'm pretty sure Macs don't ship with wget installed, you'll have to install it somehow.

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    I've been wanting to do this for (a Star Wars Wiki) FOREVER. Will WGet also snag images?

    how about flash files?
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    The wikipedia offline dump page says that they prohibit the use of downloaders like wget.
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    Ah, I was going to post a follow-up with a few more caveats and tips, but I guess I don't need to now. Sorry about that.
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