Who Does This Song?
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Who does this song?

It's supposedly "Sink to the Bottom" by Godbox Sessions. I heard it on Radio Paradise and found an MP3 online several years ago. (I don't remember where, though.) "Passion for You" is supposedly by the same artist.

"Godbox Sessions" isn't listed on AllMusic or on Amazon, and I don't get any good results if I search for "sink to the bottom" and "passion for you."
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Best answer: This is the MP3.com page for The Godbox Sessions ca. 2000. It points to Ambush Records at ambush.org as the label, but that is now a cybersquat and blocks the Internet Archive. Does not appear to be the London-based breakcore label Ambush Records.
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It's evidently a Fountains of Wayne cover. I'm not familiar with them, but your version doesn't sound like them to my untrained ear, although perhaps you found a rare version? "Godbox Sessions" sounds like the kind of thing a band records for a radio station or a promotion or whatever... I don't know if this is helpful and maybe you know it already, although you didn't mention it in your question. Good luck in any case!
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Or I could be totally wrong... argh, I need to do more research before I post, maybe.
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Best answer: dhartung's MP3.com link gave me DiStefano/Thomas/O'Kane as credits. Googling them led to their names (Sally Thomas, Eamon O'Kane, Peter DiStefano) and "Passion" (credited as "Godbox") on the Big Monster on Campus soundtrack. Peter DiStefano was in Porno for Pyros and Godbox is his side project. Since nothing's been updated since 2000, I assume this was a one-off project.

(It's not the same song as the Fountains of Wayne song with the same title.)
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Hi, well all things come back to roost! I know all about Godbox, and Theo Ray and Ambush Records. I am Eamon O'Kane. I co -wrote 'Sink to the bottom' (in my Auckland,NZ house circa 1998) I also co-produced the 'godbox sessions' album which was unfortunately never commercially released. Godbox was actually put together by an american commercials director who was shooting in NZ in 98 (doing a Dow Corp. Ad) he invited myself and Sally Thomas to the states to meet Pete DiStefano and Steve Perkins. Godbox was the end result. I have all the master song copies here in Sydney Australia. If you would like you can visit my website (www.eamon-okane.com) I am happy to email or mail copies to wherever
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