Not-quite-unemployment insurance?
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Just got cut down to 12 hours a week at my job (originally 40, then 24). Am I eligible for unemployment in Pennsylvania due to lost hours? And how would I apply for it, then?
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you should start by visiting the PA Unemployment Compensation website, if you haven't already.

i had a shit-o-riffic experience with PA unemployment around 2002. i will spare you the details here. PM if you want more info.
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To Receive Partial Benefits

A worker may be eligible for partial benefits if the worker:
* has received a reduction in regular hours of work because of lack of work;
* is separated from a job and has obtained other employment working less than full time and earning less than before; or
* is separated from one job but continues to have part-time employment with another employer(s).

How to File for Benefits

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Get on to your states website, read up on there rules and file. Considering you are under 20 hours a week and have claimed taxes for the last 5 quarters you should be eligible. Don't lie on your application because they will eventually find out and always look for a job. They may at some point do a phone interview with you and you will have to post a resume on the states website.
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