Recording multitake voiceover
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How do I best use Apple Soundtrack Pro to record multitake voiceover for a video project?

This is an awfully specific question, so apologies in advance. Here's my situation:

I have a video, already cut, basically. I need to record voice commentary for it, along the lines of sports commentators commenting on a basketball game or the like. I have mics going into a mixing board which then goes into my mac pro desktop. Usually, I just record them into garageband and edit the takes together in final cut.

It occurs to me that there has to be an easier way if I use Soundtrack. What I would ideally like to do is be able to have the many takes and retakes of commentary be automatically synched to the video track without overwriting each other when they're retaken, so that I can then go back and choose which takes are best from the bunch once I'm done recording them.

Now, I know that soundtrack does multitake recording, and I've read the manual on how to do it. So here's my problem: It doesn't look I can just scrub back and forth on the timeline and selectively retake bits and pieces. As near as I can tell, soundtrack only creates a multitake clip by continually looping a portion of the video you're working with (or the whole thing) over and over again. If you stop playback or change the playhead position at any point, the multitake clip is done and you just record over it the next time you hit record.

Surely this isn't how everyone records voice over. What am I missing? Are there any pro sound recordists or engineers out there who can recommend to me how they record and synch voiceover? the guys I work with work best when they're allowed to go back to different points and retake bits and pieces rather than just run full steam through the whole vid over and over again.

thanks in advance.
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Best answer: I usually just bring in the video and make a new track for each "take", mute the old ones and then assemble a master track out of all the takes. A take doesn't have to be the whole piece and usually a piece will naturally break down into sections. I don't know if that helps but it's what I do.
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