Gameboy (original) games in Atlanta?
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Where can I find used Gameboy (original) games in or near Atlanta, GA within the next 3 days?

My girlfriend is going on a long plane ride, and decided that she'd bring her old Gameboy pocket with her (this is more sentimental/nostalgic I believe than it is functional of course).

Is there anywhere I can find old games in Atlanta? I'd like to giver her a couple games as a surprise (she has a couple right now, but I figured used ones are cheap if I can find them), but I'm not sure if anyone sells these anymore...

Due to time constraints, eBay, the perfect place to find this stuff, is unavailable.

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GameStop (or, uh, at least the one near me) still carries 'em. It'd probably be good to call first to make sure.
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most of game stores (gamestop, eb games..) still carry original game boy games. also, if you're ever looking for a nice gift - the gameboy advanced (NOT the DS) plays the old games as well as the new.
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Craigslist (gameboy original got 16 responses in Atlanta)
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Thanks all... craigslist unfortunately lists a lot of 'burbs locations and people wanting vs. selling. Somehow I thought GameStop/EBGames would stop carrying games--thankfully they do still carry old old (old?) games!

Also, the Gameboy Advance idea is great, definitely something to keep in mind.
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Old, and maybe even old old, but probably not old old old. At my local GameStop, they seem to have phased out nearly all of the 8- and 16-bit era stuff (while the local indie used-game stop has quite a bit of stuff from the Atari/Coleco/Intellivision era). Handhelds, for whatever reason, seem to be the exception.
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Pawn shops are a great place to find games for old systems. Last year I busted out the old school Nintendo, and went to a few pawn shops to find all the old games I used to love playing.
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