DIY Cardboard Displays
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Please help me find free online blueprints for cardboard store displays.

I have access to large sheets of cardboard, and want to make some retail-type floor displays like these.

I've checked Google and found plenty of sites that sell pre-cut displays, and I even found this old AskMeFi question, but nothing solid so far.

A blueprint with measurements, score lines, shapes, etc. for a basic merchandise display stand would be great. I could probably also modify plans for something other than display stands, so be creative with your suggestions.
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You might want to peruse some packaging blogs, like They might have links but you should e-mail the writer and see if there are any places he can think of.

You need to find a template with measurements. They usually come preformed, so that they take the guesswork out of the supply chain.
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You'll be hard-pressed to find free templates for these. I've done quite a few over the years and they were all custom-cut to fit the particular merchandise they were to contain. About the only part that might have been "standard" across different lines were some of the pedestal bases, and even those had occasional differences.
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