What's that boat rental thing called again?
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Aquatic Vessel Time Share?

My brother who lives in Maryland belongs to a "club" where he can reserve any boat from a ski boat to a cabin cruiser at a moment's notice. I've been looking for a similar outfit here in Northern California, but don't know exactly what I'm looking for.
We're not excatly on speaking terms, so asking him is out of the question.
Does anyone know of such a thing in No. CA?
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Do you mean something like SailTime?
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Response by poster: Yes, something like that. Most of the companies I've found are mostly sailboat focused. I'd like one that includes smaller power boats, as well and I'm not having luck in finding those.

Thanks for the link, though, mkb.
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random curiosity: What's the club that your brother belongs to? (I live in MD) -- feel free to mefimail me the answer if you'd rather
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I think the keyword that you're looking for is "fractional ownership." I'm not sure about No. Cal clubs that rent all sorts of watercraft, but I know that there are some in the Bay Area that rent powered and sail boats. The Berkeley Marina has a fractional ownership program, for instance. I'm not sure what types they offer.

You might see my question previously. One of the responders runs a company that does this and could be a source of information.
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