Help me sell my used academic books for a good price.
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Where can I find a used bookstore that will buy gently used academic books in the DC-Baltimore-Northern Virginia area?

I am generally a bibliophile happy to amass books and more books, but my partner has issued an ultimatum. Thus, I have about six boxes of academic books that I can do without to preserve domestic tranquility. They are generally the very thing that fashionable young grad students in the humanities would snatch up. Also, I have a box of graphic novels that I can no longer defend as remaining in touch with my inner child. Assuming I want to avoid piecemeal sales on Ebay, where can I/should I sell them?
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Best answer: Second Story Books
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2nding 2nd Story.
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Best answer: Second Story.

You could also try Idle Time in Adams Morgan. I haven't sold to either in quite a while, so I'm not sure which is better.
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Best answer: Before our recent move, we sent about half our library to Powell's, who will give you an online quote and a pre-paid shipping label. It was completely awesome and easy -- and they bought a ton of my graphic novels.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! The Powell's idea is pretty interesting: on the one hand, it requires me to type out ISBNs, and no CueCat in sight, but it looks like they're offering about 20-30% of list price. It's all credit of course, which just means more books, but we don't have to tell my partner that just now.... :-)
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