Where are all of the cool Buffalo Lesbians?
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How do I meet some intellectual lesbians in Buffalo, NY?

I need to meet some more lesbians. I'm in a long-term committed relationship. My partner goes out to the bars once a week and knows quite a few gay men.

But, of course, never meets any cool lesbian women. Any ideas, either specific to Buffalo or general tips for meeting some lesbians? I am totally not into the bar scene.

Oh, and my interests are pretty diverse, politics, food, cooking, wine, travel, music etc.
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I don't know, is Craigslist too...spammy maybe?

That's really all I can think of.
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Seconding Craigslist, or a lesbian version of manhunt? Weak, I know - but ya gotta start somewhere.

There are soooo many dynamics of your relationship with your partner I'm interested in hearing more about right now. LOL
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Not to be all stereotypical, but Solid Grounds on Elmwood has a lot of women who look the part.
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Oh, and if I wasn't clear I'm interested in meeting some people for friendship. Craiglist is too spammy.
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Similar question
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Did you check out the LGBTA site at UB? Or the gay community section of Artvoice (near the classifieds, iirc)? Pride of WNY?

I'd also suggest Hallwalls and Squeaky Wheel. Arts community but there's a fair amount of cross-over, as it were.

And I assume you know about Roxy's on Main Street. It's a bar, though.
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I'm not a lesbian, but I am part of the arts/poetry/music scene in Buffalo and the majority of my friends are smart, creative dykes. For the most part, though, I'd say their interests (music, books, film) dominate where they hang out more than their being lesbians. Hallwalls, Squeaky Wheel suggested above are right on; poetry readings and theatre/cabaret at Rust Belt Books; go see some female songwriters at Nietzsche's or Sportsman's Tavern.

I would say it is hard to meet large numbers of any population in this particular city without going into a bar; it is a big part of social life here. But remember, there is no requirement to consume alcohol in a bar; many don't.

Good luck!
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