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Amazon question. I once read the Amazon Hacks book but I don't remember if it covers this one, or how to do it. I'd like to be able to link to specific items in my wishlist. I've found one trick but it relies on the item number. Since this number changes each time the wishlist is updated, any link made this way won't last long. SMI
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Response by poster: The hack looks like this:
and all it does is set the wishlist display to 1 item per page. At that point the page number is the same as the item number. Any ideas?
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Well, This won't generate a link to the item 'in your wishlist' context, it will generate a link to an item page, so that if someone buys it from that page, the item will be marked as "for Noah's wishlist" in the shopping cart.

Item 3 in your list is "The Chess Box". Go there and copy the URL that the image/title link to - you'll get this:

You can ignore a lot of the querystring there. The important bits are the ASIN (denotes the specific item), the colid, (denotes the wishlist ID), and the coliid (the specific ID that matches ASIN-to-wishlist). Once you have those values, you can make your own links to items, and (if the clicker buys from there), the items will be bought from your wishlist. Here's the correct link for your Chess Box set:

Hope that's at least a little helpful.
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Response by poster: That's even better, thanks!
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